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About Us

Grace Note Windchimes history

In 1982 musician Jeff Kile was living in a rural Louisiana tree house and playing music on the street for change. Jeff's love for music combined with his natural surroundings sparked an idea for creating the ultimate wind chime.

Harmonically-tuned aluminum wind chimes were already being marketed, but Jeff envisioned a wind chime with a unique suspension design. All of the wind chimes currently on the market used a similar suspension that utilized string through holes in the top of the tubes. This suspension technique, unfortunately, reduced the resonance of the chimes. Instead, by placing pins inside the tubes at the resonant node (the spot on a vibrating tube that doesn't vibrate), Jeff eliminated any interference caused by the string touching the tubes.

This innovative design resulted in longer and clearer resonance. The original Grace Note Windchimes were tuned by ear to notes that Jeff played on his guitar. Encouraged by the sound quality of his windchimes, Jeff returned to his home state of California and turned to his brother, Mark, for support. With Mark's $300.00 tax return check as a business start up, the partnership was born. They named the company Grace Note Chimes. In music, the term "grace note" refers to an unwritten musical note that falls between two existing notes, as in a bent note. A grace note is a musical adornment. It seemed a fitting name for such harmonic windchimes.

During the lean early years, they assembled windchimes in their parents' barn and spent most of the time on the road, selling Grace Note Chimes at craft shows around the country. It wasn't long, however, before the amazing sound quality of Grace Note Chimes earned them a loyal following.

Grace Note has continued to prosper through the years. It quickly outgrew the barn as a production site, and moved into a spacious, well-equipped factory. Many new members have been added to our extended family. The amazing growth and success of Grace Note hasn't come at the cost of the friendly spirit and attention to detail inherent in a small family business. Grace Note is still a small company with big ideals.

Our goal

As we celebrate over twenty years of hard earned luck, we are ever mindful that the success of Grace Note Chimes is due to your support. Our dedication to bringing you the most finely-crafted and best sounding wind chimes will forever be unwavering.

Let the good chimes toll,

Grace Note Chimes

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